Woodwind Repair Prices

Disassemble-Clean all parts-clean and polish keys-replace all pads key corks and joint corks-replace or retension springs-straighten bent keys-reface tone holes-adjust all pads to seal-balance and regulate mechanism-oil mechanism-test play-sterilize mouthpiece



Flute Plateau
Open Hole

Clarinet Clarinet

Alto Clarinet Alto Clarinet

Brass Clarinet $495.00

Oboe $390.00

Bassoon $500.00

Alto Sax $495.00

Tenor Sax $510.00

Bari Sax $595.00

Joint Corks

Clarinet, oboecenter joint $15.00

All other joints 13.00

Sax neck/bsn bocal $20.00


Some shops do what is referred to as a repad, where the pads are replaced without replacing all corks and felts or cleaning the instrument. Some shops even replace the pads without removing the keys. It has been our experience that, with our clientele, when the corks are not replaced and the instrument cleaned polished and properly oiled it leads to problems and unsatisfied customers.

Haas Repair does not do repads.

Disclaimer Website Price list last updated 8/18/2021 and can become outdated with no warning. Please call if you have any Questions.

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