Commitment To Service

At Haas Musical Instrument Repair, service is our only business.  We do not sell or rent instruments.  This allows us to devote our total attention to doing high quality repairs.

A fully qualified repair technician calls on each school every week

Our goal is to give one week service on all repairs, with the exception of those instruments needing complete overhaul.  All overhauls are done at our own facility and can be completed in two weeks when needed.

Haas Musical Instrument Repair is committed to maintaining reasonable and competitive prices.

We feature a state of the art computerized record keep system which allows the technician instant access to all records of previous work done on any instrument.  In addition, monthly reports are available for music teachers for all work performed "year to date", along with yearly comprehensive reports for both the teacher and the district office that lists all work done.  This helps to not only keep track of tight yearly budgets, but also helps to set long term goals for continued maintenance of all school owned instruments.

Haas Musical Instrument Repair conducts free yearly inspections of all instruments as a way to assist the music teacher in planning for the upcoming year's repair and maintenance needs.

We offer free emergency repair service for those schools hosting music contests.

Free instrument maintenance clinics are available for anyone who requests them.

A repair technician will be provided free of charge for your rental display to assist parents in evaluating used instruments.

Haas Musical Instrument Repair has been doing business since 1979 and has become one of the most respected repair services in the upper midwest.

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